An enclosure? Yes we have one!

This just keeps getting better and better! We have just added the FEZ Panda enclosure. Hope you like it.

I’m assuming its also good for the Domino?

We have added more images

Yes but the USB connectors not at the opening in the side panel so you need to make a little cut to expose the USB connector.

Oh, where do I find the photos? I looked in Hardware -> Panda. Is this right?

Yes but the enclosure is down listed with other components

What are the black holes on the front for? Display and Buttons?

If so, which component?


The black holes are there to suck in any loose matter in the immediate area until such time that they just fizzle out into nothingness or perhaps explode brilliantly in a mini big-bang.

(Sorry I was watching a Stephen Hawking show last night.) :smiley:

Yep, display and I’m not sure what the bottom (smaller) hole is for. Maybe buttons?