An all new FEZ Music Shield is now available

Need to play Ogg Vorbis, MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC or MIDI files with ease? GHI’s FEZ Music shield is the answer. As always, the driver source is tested and ready for you to use:

The unique shape of this shield allows it to fit well with shields that have ethernet connectors, like FEZ Connect shield. More information is available on the catalog page:

That is one awesome looking shield!

Look how nice it fits with FEZ Panda II and FEZ Connect.

add a touch screen and add possibility to read mp3/radio streams over the network, and you have a nice networked audio player that you can build into a really flat case to be hung on the wall.
Would be great for my porch :smiley:

Looks realy nice Gus! Why not make it a complete kit in ghi shop with a better price than buying separate :slight_smile:

Just bought 2.

Great stuff anyway

You say “only OGG and PCM” are supported for record. Do you have any plan to provide another format like mp3 ou just wav in few weeks or months ?

I agree with EriSan500… Add a touch screen and you almost have a recording machine in your hand.

could be great to also propose a “Extra Ultimate Package” including the Ultimate Fez kit + What you want for a extra cash amount to be defined :), kind of package + bonus at extra price…

It would be great to see all those three boards with an enclosure!

MP3 recording (encoding) license fee is high so you will not find many MP3 encoding chips but you will find decoding.

That one looks sweet :o

Can it stream recordings in real time to, lets say, a fez cobra?

Absolutely, the question is at what bitrate. I am sure it will handle low bitrates easily.

concerning MP3, is the fraunhofer encoder not free of charge ? I thought it was…

Could be ported to micro framework ?

Or does it mean to encoding in mp3 is anything but free, whatever encoder you’re gonna use ?

Read the Wikipedia entry for MP3. It explains the licensing issues.

I did (read the wiki)

To bad… I thought they were free encoders for mp3. I was wrong… too bad… let’s switch to ogg for ever :slight_smile:

I have been using/programing ogg (which is only a generic container) and the vorbis and theora codecs in various opensource projects for years, and they are really, really great. During my tests I usualy found out that a 96kb/s vorbis stream was at least the same quality as a 128kb/s mp3 :smiley:

It’s hard to compare though, since for mp3 only you already have many encoders that deliver totally different quality for the same bitrate.

Mp3 is much older I think so this is somewhat expected.

Got my boards yesterday, I’m new to the .Net MF(been using arduino), but I was able to follow a guide and get the LED to blink. Feeling fairly competent, I tried to example code from [url][/url]

I’m unable to find the reference for
using GHIElectronics.NETMF.FEZ.Shields;

I am going to guess that I need to download and do something with the source code?
Any tips appreciated!


You got the usage example but you did not include the actual driver :slight_smile: Add new file to project then copy paste the driver code in it.

We look forward to see your inventions.