Signs of NETMF life at Microsoft. Well, not of the NETMF team, but of the Azure Service Bus team. One step closer to usable Azure connectivity from NETMF.

We still need a high quality SSL implementation though.


I should have mentioned that today there are basically three ways to access Azure from a device: WCF (which is a massive machinery and Microsoft proprietary, ill suited for NETMF), via REST API over HTTPS (requires SSL), and AMQP over SSL. While I don’t see major benefits in turning away from REST with HTTP (or CoAP as a compressed form of HTTP) for most applications, it’s still good to see this new library, as Microsoft appears to push AMQP quite a bit nowadays.

Cool, time for some IoT inspired boards me thinks :slight_smile:

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Excellent so many choices so I can tailor the solution for the problem.