Amazon Echo is available to everyone now

Mine is arriving tomorrow… :dance:

I never placed the order for mine. I would be interested in seeing how well it works and how long you use it. I haven’t heard “overwhelming” great things about it… more lukewarm.

I’ll share my experience. A friend of mine has one and he likes it. His kids love it even more.

I was able to get an Echo as part of the early release program. My wife has been the primary user.

We have a Sonus system in the main area of the house, with many sources of content, accessible from an IPad or IPhone. But, my wife prefers the Echo.

She likes to be able to yell at it, and have it do what she asks. A feature, for some unknown reason, she loves…

Of course, it is amusing to listen to my wife getting into an argument with Alexa.

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because other occupants of the house that she tries it with are not as responsive ? :whistle: .

@ Brett - I have no idea what you are talking about… :whistle:

I am interested to see the AppKit for it. There was a bunch of programming languages that they’ve asked about in the application. C# was one of them, although I doubt it will be an option. It is possible, though.

This item does not ship to Jakarta, Indonesia.


PS… Would anyone in the USA like to help me with purchasing one? I assume it should still work from here once I get it?

I love the way that most large US companies with a presence around the world (Microsoft included) assume that everyone lives in the US (Sometimes they admit Canadians exist too)

So to say it’s available to everyone is like mobile/cell companies saying that data usage is unlimited. I.e. they lie :wink:

??? You mean there are other countries than the US?