Amazon Dash Button WIFI Enabled

Or a confirmation email with a link that you need to “approve” for the order to go through.

As I already said:

“So kudos to Amazon for trying something interesting.”

It’s conceivable that things will come out of this that are less stupid. But a future in which IoT is all about making it easy for an appliance manufacturer to direct customers to purchasing a particular brand of consumable, with Amazon getting a slice of each purchase as it goes through, is not terribly interesting to me. Seems very much a step on the road to Wall-E.

Fast Company is not impressed:


Like Firefly before it, Dash Button doesn’t solve a problem comes actually have.

If they tied the dash buttons to their drone-instant-delivery service, and allowed you to customize what was being ordered, I think it might be fun.

“Amazon, I need toilet paper… NOW. Please have the drone hover by my 2nd story bathroom window for delivery”

@ mtylerjr - I’m sure there are any number of decisions Amazon could have made to make this more useful. And as others have observed, this is a first attempt, and perhaps they will improve on it moving forward. But I think it shows a disturbing lack of focus on what customers actually want.

Truth be told, I think drone delivery will be just another example of this. It’s a solution looking for a problem, and it’s got some inherent downsides that will likely quickly become apparent if it ever goes live.

Amazon dash uses a .netmf compatible chip, stm32f205. But the wifi is broadcom based, so that would require some work to make use of.

I think it’s the same part as the Particle photon. Interestingly, the pairing is done through audio.