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Thought I give this a go and see how well it might work, another Gadgeteer, Azure and PowerBI project.


that could have been in @ Mtylerjr’s lab, since they had another shake today…

@ Duke Nukem - Is that the hosted Power BI or the desktop version? I noticed you said Azure :slight_smile:

As I live in a very active area for quakes, although nothing big has hit Jakarta for some time, it would be great to capture these once I move to a house in a few months time as the 20th floor of an apartment is not ideal for measuring them.

What sensor are you using? From that I can tell from research, the little accelerometers are not ideal for this. Better with a pendulum type sensor.

Hosted Power BI, I’m getting a tad annoyed about when I’ll be able to use the Azure Stream Analytics Output to PowerBI with the desktop version as that Output is just so nice to use.

@ Dave McLaughlin - I have felt some of my best earthquakes while 50+ stories up :open_mouth:

Right now I’m just using the Accel G248 Module in order to see what I can get out of it. Later I might consider some different accelerometers or even some proper geophones, but for now this was just something I wanted to mess around with. I’m looking to pound this into the ground in my backyard to see what happens, maybe it will even be able to pickup the ground thunder from the mighty school bus.

Yeah, it sure makes a difference the higher you go up.

I’ll check that out. I might try it here before I move. We are in the middle of lightning storms just now and last night some of the thunder booms where shaking the building. Would be interesting to see if this can be detected.

Here is a cool application for an accelerometer.

“The new bed sensor technology is based on the Ballistocardiographic (BCG) principle. When the heart pumps blood down to the legs there is a recoil effect to the opposite direction. This means that when e.g. lying on a bed, the entire bed will start to vibrate due to the blood flow. We use an ultra-sensitive Murata accelerometer to capture this signal. A microcontroller with a specially made algorithm is able to extract heart rate and many other vital signs from the signal.”


Its been a swarm of small quakes for the past few weeks :confused:

I didn’t actually notice the 5.7 - it was on the south island, but north of us. We’ve had a few 3’s and 4’s that were centered within 3km of our house though in the past few days… Fun.

Nothing like the 7.1 that buried me in 1989 under collapsing plaster walls and shelves of old computer equipment in Satatoga, though.

@ skeller - that is interesting. I suppose its intended for hospital beds where there would always be a single occupant. Probably would work very well for a shared bed. I’ve been wearing my MS Band to bed to get these type of measurements while I sleep. I would have never considered you could measure those parameters from that distance.

@ ianlee74 - I would never have guessed that an accelerometer could be sensitive enough to sense the blood flow in a person. Pretty cool.

Using digital signal processing almost all can be done. As an example, Strain gauge can also be used to measure if there’s illegal clandestin in trucks just by measuring small variation of load when heart do its work.

I don’t think the Band is using an accelerometer for that. They use an optical sensor of some sort with a bright green LED. Of course, that could be the O2 level its reading at that point. I really haven’t looked into it much yet. It does have an accelerometer but I think its use is limited to counting steps (poorly).

Yes the smart watches use an LED and photo sensor for pulse rate. The sensor I referenced in Reply #7 uses an accelerometer to do it while the person lies in bed.
I have a Fitbit and I question the number of steps taken. After sitting in front of the computer for a few hours it says I have taken a couple hundred steps.

The most interesting thing is I got the Fitbit at the first part of the year and I have yet to loose any weight.

Same happened to me, until I noticed what I had was actually a chinese knockoff called Fatbit :frowning:


I picked up one of these to play with, but haven’t gotten to it yet :frowning:


@ Brett - I suppose you know we had another 5.8 quake on Sunday, this one was centered very close, maybe 12 miles from our house.

Pretty wild ride. Some cliffs fell down into the water. Water got splashed out of pools.

(fun video here: [url][/url] )

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