Aluminum standoff specs

What are the specs on the aluminum standoffs found here . Specifically what is the length of the hexagonal and male threaded parts? I believe they are 4-40 threaded, but can somebody confirm?

GHI - Could this info be added to the description in the catalog?

They are 4-40 threaded, and the hexagonal shaft portion is 3/8" in length (and 1/4" flat-to-flat in diameter, if you’re interested).

Thanks Andrew! Turns out, these will work perfectly on a friend’s aeroquad (post crash) frame rebuild. The quad was accidentally turned off at about 30 feet in the air. Ouch! Silver lining - the electronics were unharmed, so the frame did its job, but did not survive. Lost a couple of props, too, but we have spares. We’ve got a mini maker faire deadline coming up fast!

30 feet? Yikes! You’re lucky anything survived that kind of drop.

Good luck with the Maker Faire! Pete and I are doing one (Norfolk Mini Maker Faire) next month. No quadcopters, but we’ll have our usual assortment of toys. :slight_smile:

Ironic part - the pilot was a very experienced RC guy and has spent several sessions getting us used to using his Futaba. The quad owner and I are both RC newbs.

Catalog updated. Thanks guys

Every Faire needs a quad (or three). It’s the new laser :slight_smile:

The photo on that page shows the stand offs being used on a lattice work of holes. I’m looking for something to mount/organise my modules. Not even sure what to google for. Hints anyone ? Distributor in UK ?


@ davestone -

For a custom plate contact Steve Presley ( You can also Google “Tamiya Universal Plate” and you’ll find several different sizes & sources.

@ Justin, @ Ian, Many thanks. One board ordered, and spookily from the same supplier that I get all my Gadgeteer kit from.

@ davestone - Good stuff, Proto-Pic by chance?