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Alret via VoIP with FEZ


I have an Idea and I am not sure dos it works. The Idea is that I control some ports with an FEZ Board and when it comes to an alert Situation the Board calls over VoIP an Phone number. When the connection are connected the Board plays an mp3 with the alert information.

Have anyone here never heard from such an Project?


I’m doing for the moment the other way around.

When i dial 299 from my voip phones, my Fez Cobra will open the garage door for me (or close when its open). Having the Fez dial a voip phone and play a message is on my todo list (on the bottom of the list, so don’t wait to me).



I am very much interested in learning more about both of these scenarios.


Some more details:

Cobra: The cobra listens for ethernet messages in a specified format. In my case the message looks like this:


Why the 0 at the end you may ask? The cobra listens for more messages then this one. So the 0 is specifying how many parameters are following after the 0.
If the cobra receives this message, it will pulse an output for about 100ms, that output is driving an opto-coupler which in turn is connected to the garage-door control unit.

Voip: My Voip server is an open source package called FusionPbx (practically it’s FreeSwitch with a web-gui). I added an extension on my server (299), and when someone calls that extension, it will execute a small exe I’ve build that puts the required message (see above) on the network.

Now, when my kids come back from school, all they do is dial 299 with the voip client on their android phone and … garage opens, and they can put their bike into the garage.

I’m extending this also with RFID for the smaller kids (10 and 12 years) because they are still to little for a smart phone in my opinion.


The easiest way is to call an external existing service like this one:

Other than that implementing voip protocols can be a real challenge on smaller boards. But that is where the fun is, right? ;D


Hello guys,
I’m also tuning an open source VOIP swtch it is c# on my server and it works great…been doing this for over a year now…

And to get you guys hocked and do exactly what you want and more check out

It is awesome, you can sign up for a dev key which is free…



Thank you for the answers.

Sure I can youse an SIP Server. But I think the challenge are an solution with an NETMF Hardware.
I have think about the Problem and I believe that it is enough the user can see the Phone Number from the detector.

@ Eric
where can I found some more Information about your project?



I will get back to you soon.