AlphaGo takes game one from world champion Lee Sedo

AlphaGo takes game one of five against current world champion Lee Sedo.

Remember be nice to your computer as the new overlords are watching.


Yes, I heard about this on the news yesterday. I am once again resolved to make an attempt to learn and play GO. My son will have no interest as it is not as exciting as Minecraft.

Has anyone here played the game?

AlphaGo takes game two

So the question is, is this a fair fight?

‘Fair’ is a strange question. Is it fair that a car can go faster than I can run?

Or looking at it another way - we always hope for our children to accomplish more than we did.

Whether tool or child, it seems ‘fair’ that it exceed us.

By fair I’m wondering if staging this competition like this puts the human competitor at an instance disadvantage with pressure etc. as he is playing in a room with folks watching and analyzing everything he does. I would have ran this as two machines fighting it out so Lee Sedol could play this from whatever environment enables him to play at his best and then after the competition announcing he was a human player. Anyone who thinks that there isn’t pressure on Lee Sedol should have a read of the papers in South Korea for example as this is huge front page news.

The fact that a computer beats a human at something, is becoming an old and often repeated story that we should perhaps just accept as a continuing story and start to accept our far ‘smarter’ and more ‘capable’ overlord (every time I think of the movie Demon Seed (book 1973 movie 1977) the more I think it was a possible prophecy of the future).

Wake me up when computers beat a world Lacrosse champion

So Tuesday then?

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Google AlphaGo ‘can’t beat me’ says China Go grandmaster, I remember when I was 18 too.

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