Almost forgot - Gadgeteer Class

So some users groups are better then others for showing up to presentations, but no problem as I’m happy to teach however many or few, so from the User Group that said they were coming only 1 came, but some other folks arrived as well who saw this class on twitter etc and one of the chaps was someone that I used to work with many years ago so it was fun to catch up on what he was doing.

Its always fun and every class is different, so in this class I had a very frustrated Arduino user who was trying to build a monitoring system for his solar panels that he had on his house, after going through this class and see how easy Gadgeteer was to use I suspect he is switching to .NetFM and Gadgeteer. People get the idea of the flashing LED for their first project but then when I describe the project function specs for the second project they just shake their heads and mutter no way, but then when they get it working, they are believers.

Project Objectives

  • Read a RFID card
  • Activate a Relay Control such that a lock could be opened if the RFID card is authorized to do so
  • Display the RFID on a character display and indicate its authorization status
  • Play an audio sound to indicate if permission has been granted or denied
  • Change the color of a LED to indicate status
  • Blue - Ready
  • White - Administrator Mode
  • Red - Access Denied
  • Green - Access Granted
  • Use Timers to limit how long status and permissions are granted

Create an Administration mode such that RFID cards can have permissions granted or revoked

One other attendee did something that was very interesting to watch as he was an experienced .Net coder but had never built a device before, but after looking at the designer and intellisense items for the modules on the project board he was off and running building his own version of the RFID lock controller we do for this class. This is exactly the reason I think Gadgeteer is the ideal bridge to get existing software developers into the realm of devices and IoT, it just seems natural to developers and they can start building device pretty much immediately, and he built a pretty good version of the device and couldn’t believe how fun it was.

So I think I’ll scratch that one group off my list and start getting ready for my next class on Oct 15th and hopefully those who say they are coming will in fact attend.

Good news is however I will be teaching at least one Hands On Gadgeteer Lab in Bellevue/Seattle area at the start of November so I’m taking the class on the road. If you’re in the Seattle area and would like to attend let me know and I’ll give you first whack at the registration. So the first class is at the Microsoft Store in Bellevue Nov 1st starting at 3 PM. Depending on how fast it fills up and my scheduling I might add sessions on Nov 2nd and 4th at the University Village Microsoft Store location in Seattle.


You know, I do so much business travel it would actually be kindof fun to occasionally schedule a Gadgeteer class in Microsoft stores in the cities I visit.

Actually I’ve seen how much gear you use for your classes, I’d never get that big a purchase past the wife. :wink:

Have it delivered to your work address, works for me. :whistle:


Working from home is generally a great thing, but sadly my work address is my home address, and it’s in Canada so the shipping is bad.

Of course, flying to the US a couple of times a month means I can ship to hotels regularly.

Poor Canadians…

@ Squeebee - it was getting it past my accountant which really caused some excitement as my office is literally full of Gadgeteer stuff, but this stuff is like crack for my creative side as I’m constantly thinking up and building stuff. The wife doesn’t mind as it frees her up to spend time making sure the pool boy keeps everything clean and a clean pool must mean a lot to her as she has him cleaning that pool pretty much everyday. I offered to build a Gadgeteer device to do it automatically but she said she didn’t want me to waste my time making one of those and to keep on building other stuff.

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Yea for pool boys!

@ Duke Nukem - Must be nice to have other humans within 100 miles of you who understand what you do.

To be honest even I’m not sure what I do actually, but I do believe that IoT is going to be huge and I believe that Gadgeteer is the best way to get developers up to speed and building cool devices. I enjoy teaching these classes and I hope the attendees enjoy attending and learn something valuable. Some I know have started to build their own devices which is great and for others hopefully at least its a finger on the pulse sort of thing for their future.