ALFAT SD Board Schematic is Wrong


Im the owner of two “ALFAT SD Board”.
I downloaded the Schematic from here:

And the Board Dimension:

But now Im a bit confused.
The Schematic seems the wrong. It look like the “ALFAT OEM Board”.

The connector on the “ALFAT OEM Board” has 18Pin. But the “ALFAT SD Board” has 16.
And the part names are not right. In the schematic the STM32F40X is IC2. But in the Board Dimension pdf i can`t find ICC2.

Can you please change the Schematic?

Best Regards,


We will correct it, thank you so much for your feedback :))

Hi, That is a generic reference design schematics for ALFAT SoC. We fixed the file description under the downloads.
If you need to learn about ALFAT-SD’s pin our description you need to take a look ant ALFAT’s user manual.

If you need further help please contact GHI directly as stated in the product’s support page. This forum is for .NET MF products only.