AITX Port on the Cobra. But No Touch

I need help to reassign a different interrupt pin to the T socket. I’ve designed a new product that I’m wetting my pants to reveal :-[. I mainly used the Cobra2 eco schematic as a starting point. But due to routing and design had to change one of the pins on the T socket. Now I can’t get the touch screen to work.

The only difference is that instead of pin 3 being P0.25/AD2.
It is now P0.26 Analog 3. [A_Sock]

Is there a way to make that change in the managed code?
And while I’m here. What is Thread.Sleep(-1); equivalent to?

Thanks in advance.

Don’t worry, Problem in my code. Sorry for the premature posting. I swear that never normally happens. :smiley: