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Air Swimmers Remote Controlled Flying Shark And Clown Fish



I want one! 8)


FEZ Shark! lol

I edited your post to show the video right on this page


Those are super cool. Seems like there having trouble keeping them in stock and their site running due to demand. Wonder why the shark is twice the price of the clown fish?


Looks like lots of Fun!!


Maybe because it’s ability to bite ;D


That’s really cool!

I wonder what the current electronics weigh and if it’d be possible to replace them and add some brains to them with a FEZ Mini and a couple sensors. Probably be difficult to get the weight right…


@ ddurant - maybe if you went with whale shark design you could get more components to float :slight_smile:


[quote] @ ddurant - maybe if you went with whale shark design you could get more components to float
I live in an old factory converted to condos - picture a building-sized cube with the center cored out.

First thing I’ll need, after the shark, is a piezo deal that can say “candygram” and a way to knock on doors… Maybe wifi/xbee and a little camera too, to minimize my chances of being caught.

edit: watching the video again, I now notice that the nose-up/nose-down is controlled via a sliding weight underneath… Interesting…

edit edit: and step 2 would be a laser because, as everybody knows, sharks with lasers are triple extra bonus points.


From the instruction video, they use a putty for ballast - I bet a small laser would work! Totally triple extra bonus points for sure!


Blind Me… :o

More interesting things in their web site.


A bit more sophisticated:
Airborne versions:



Water based versions:


This is pretty amazing:


Nice, Zoomer!!

[quote]The AirPenguin is an autonomously flying object that comes close
to its natural archetype in terms of agility and manoeuvrability. It
comprises a helium-filled ballonett, which has a capacity of approx.
1 cubic metre and thus generates approx. 1 kg of buoyant force; …[/quote]
1kg per m3 gives me hope for my new flying autonomous laser landshark project!


By the looks of the engineering on that penguin, you can expect a couple extra zeroes on the price tag, IF they are even for sale… the jelly is also super cool. I want that guys job.