After working for hours, cannot connect to Cerbuino Net via USB

I just received the Cerbuino Net mainboard and in the brief time it worked, I thoroughly enjoyed it! I am really stumped as to what happened, and how to troubleshoot it further.

I went through the entire setup process and everything worked beautifully. I uploaded a bunch of “hello world” variations and it was all working perfectly.

I connected a breadboard and hooked up two switch circuits (pullup resistors, etc.) and was very careful to connect them to the correct Arduino-compatible ports. I went through several rounds of this, carefully connecting pins and continuing to upload updated versions of the app.

Unexpectedly, Visual Studio failed to deploy with the message “Device not found or cannot be opened - USB:Gadgeteer”.

When I disconnect and reconnect it to the PC, it pops up with

USB Device Not Recognized
One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it.

The Gadgeteer board continues to run the last version of the app that I uploaded.
I tried pushing the RESET button several times.
I tried connecting an external power supply.
I tried adding a USB hub.
I did the full installation on a second PC.

I would very much appreciate any ideas on what else I can try.

Rob (Spamagnet)

PC 1
Windows 8
Visual Studio Professional 2012

PC 2
Windows 7
Visual Studio Professional 2012

GHI Cerbuino Net

Hi there,

I also encounter these kind of errors with the CerbuinoBee.
My suggestion is to reload the firmware of the board.


Thanks freeck! Can you point me to the documentation for that? I tried using MFDeploy but since it cannot communicate with the device over USB I wasn’t sure where to go after that.


Try this

Normally it should work with mfdeploy but it seems the flash-rom is corrupted…

Thank you so much! That fixed the problem. The same issue has happened again, so I guess I’ll need to get speedy at fixing it. :slight_smile:
Rob (Spamagnet)

OK, so when this kind of situation comes up, it’s typically what is IN your code that is the cause of the problem.

A few suggestions:

  • make your app have thread.sleep() occasionally since a tight loop with no sleep will not allow the debugger thread to get scheduled and respond to VS requests.
  • make your app “delay start”. You could wait for a particular button press to start executing your main function. You could also use a timer to start after say 10 seconds - basically any method that gives you time to reset the board and start deploying again.

Thank you Brett! As it turns out, it was definitely my code. I was trying to use the CPU GPIO pins and apparently certain ones would cause this issue. I found a better pin enumeration for my board and now it’s working wonderfully.

Thanks again!