After I updated TinyBooter to 4.2.x.x my FEZ Cerbuino Bee is not recognized anymore!

Hi all,

This is my first trial with .Net Gadgets, and I was following “Firmware Update FEZ Cerberus”:

and it was fine until I reached the part “Load TinyCLR (firmware)”!!

The name of my FEZ Cerbuino Bee changed from “FEZ Cerpus” to “Cerb-Family” and can’t be recognized and I couldn’t find the suitable driver :frowning:

so what to do know??

BTW:: I can’t ping it anymore

Regards …

Please see the bold note here

Welcome to the community.

Yeah I’ve tried this one but I felt that there is something wrong because I couldn’t ping it by MFDeploy !!

I think I reached the same point of this issue posted here:

So what do you think about unifying the discussions there to get the best results for the maximum number of ppl :slight_smile:

Thnx :slight_smile: