AForge Neural Network on GHI G400 Dev Board

Hi all,

I make a VS Solution for porting Neural Networks to my GHI G400 Dev Board.

If you run MikeLab_DissociativeDisorderer project it will optimize a 2x2 neural network to achieve a AND logic capacity, the project also write that to file in a json format.

This project makes use of backpropagation for learning and BipolarSigmoidFunction for calculations.

Grab the json on the desktop and put on the GHI G400 SD Card.

Launch MikeLab_DissociativeDisorderer_NETMF Project

And you will get it, AND Logic on the G400.

Learning could be changed, change learning data in the first project were there is the comment:
// prepare learning data

Also you could want to change Alpha Sigmoid Value.

You got it, I think that I will try to make a navigation system for a tank robot with this, if the code will be smaller compared to a custom tailored one.

External code and thanks to AForge code and MicroJSON code.

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