Advice on stepper motor driver and code

Hi again

Discontinued GHI stepper motor driver, has led me searching for a new and up-to-date elegant and easy to to deploy solution to drive:

There is lot of drivers that might be compatible with the old GHI driver, like this one:

But any experience will be appreciated.


@ njbuch - Listed as “out of stock” but perhaps you could contact him and see if it’s still for sale:

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To bad it was discontinued as it made working with Steppers easy and had some first rate features. I will be using it for my Stepper motor video in my Gadgeteer and Motors series.

Maybe we could convince GHI to do a short run of these if enough people expressed an interest in getting them.

Sorry to be clear I was talking about this GHI module

@ devhammer - Thanks. Done. Lets see what happens, will let you know.

This board replaced it


However, I may just purchase those since it was a pretty cool board; and 14 bucks is a steal!