Advice on rubber edge seal option

I am trying to find an off the shelf rubber thingy that I can use to wrap the edge around the BrainPad’s circuit. To make the board more pleasant to touch. I know we can make something custom but I am finding hard to believe there is no such thing.

Basically like an O ring but with a groove to sit on the edge of the circuit. The closest thing I found is “car door edge protector” but I think these are too thick.

Any genius idea?

It’s expensive but it will work. You make a beed of it then push that beed onto the edge of the board. When it cures (in 24 hours) it will be stuck on and rubbery.

You could also make something using gasket maker (RTV Silicone), but you might have to 3d print a mould first. Just run a beed on the outer edge.

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I think that a rubber ring of about 80 mm to 90 mm in diameter is probably good.
How about holding the board with a thick rubber ring?

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Sorry, I can’t help it…


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Lol. And that is why we love Mike

Why not use plastic tubing… Make a jig to cut a slot.


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Something like this? Go to and search for molding. I assumed the brainpad uses a 1/16" thick board. There are a bunch more moldings in McMaster Carr that might work, this is just a quick snip.

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