Advertise TinyClr on Mikroe

This has nothing to do with TinyClr 2.0 as such but… generally posts news regarding company - products that have implemented the Mikrobus on their boards. (Quail is one example). it may be good to see yours mentionned on their website. a good advertisement for TinyClr and your products. TinyClr 2.0 has everything to please C# programmer interested in IOT

We have talked to these guys before and we are doing something great but then we had a fallout and we are not interested in working with them! Perhaps we can try again. I am sharing this in confidentiality please.

I guess you have good reason not do it. Some of their boards would support TinyClr but I can imagine they prefer to sell their own compiler. this one is not bad as long as you don’t know VS and TinyClr.
I did propose the idea of the shuttle click quite some time ago on their forum. never got any feedback … until I saw it on their news.
Their forum is not as convivial as yours…