Advanced Search on the Forum

An idea like this…

Would it be possible to add and advanced search on the forum, to improve at least dating for example ( last week, last month…) or even from xxx to xxxx.
Also, to be able to choose between the several menu items (unread messages, liked messages…) with a ‘vector’ on the fact that ‘all’ are selected, or just the one when I had a post (such it is in watched topics)…

Finally, it is a long time ago I do not succeed in putting smillees in my posts… Where are they ?

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They :slight_smile: are :wink: still :frowning: here.

Why are they still not back in the editor though???


And how do you integrate them in a post ?

you just have to remember what the character equivalents were. :slight_smile: is colon closed bracket, :frowning: is colon open bracket, :wink: semi colon closed bracket, ??? 3x question mark

And this one :wall: is colon wall colon :wink:

:wall: I like it, just went and updated another post were that seemed relevant…

Cool! :dance: colon dance colon

OK, what do you call column .?..

colon = two vertical dots :wink:


Not very successful…Does it rely to the fact tha in US, you have UTF8 encoding ???

Didn’t even notice that auto correct chose a different word for it.

Make sure there are no spaces between colon(s) and middle word :naughty:

Lets go : :naughty:

:wall: :]:

those with words are ok, others not :snif:

@ LouisCpro - I think you are using the wrong bracket it should be the round bracket ) not the square bracket ]

:slight_smile: :frowning:

OK Guys,

The problem was with the nose ! There are no nose in this smillees where I have to put the nose on my mobile…

Thanks for your help, I’m going to put smilees everywhere now :slight_smile:

You are welcome! :wink: (with nose)