Adding reference to external .NET dll of a sensor to Gadgeteer causes compilation error

Hi all.
I wish to connect PalmSens sensor to the gadgeteer. It has .NET api (for more details: PalmSens - Compact Electrochemical Interfaces), and so, after installing its SDK, I did the following:
Added the references as described at the getting started of the sensors.
and then i get the following errors:

Warning 2 Found conflicts between different versions of the same dependent assembly.

Error 9 0x81010009 C:<path to my project>\MMP

Any ideas? Thanks for helping.

@ bioengproject - Is PalmSens meant for NETMF?

@ John - It states that "The SDK (Software Development Kit) for Visual Studio .NET makes software development for the EmStat or the PalmSens with a minimum time investment possible."
I guess .NET isn’t meant to run on it, right?

@ andre.m - So it’s out of the question?