Adding modules to Visual Studio

I’m sure this is documented somewhere, but I haven’t come across it. How are new modules added to the toolbox? I have purchased the TempHuimd S170 which is listed as new.

Related question is about adding mainboards. I have the Hydra+ which isn’t a current choice.

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You need to install the relevant GHI SDK to get the and modules in the toolbox. Check the support page for links to the latest SDK.

I usually uninstall any older version of the SDK before installing a new one.

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See the Gadgeteer Module Builders Guide and also the blog post by Pete Brown ( Sorry, but I’m not where I can easily provide links at the moment.

The Hydra+ is pin compatible with the Hydra. So, just use that mainboard.

@ rileysuit - Another alternative, if you’re comfortable with NETMF in general, is to grab the source for the driver here:

If you remove the reference to the module from the References folder, and copy the code from the above link and paste it into a class file, you should be able to use the module normally, though you may need to manually configure the socket info.

The “right” way to do it, however, is to install the GHI SDK, as I mentioned in my earlier post.

Well, updating the SDK made the module appear. However,I got stuck in a loop between VS2012, and NetMF4.2 and NetMF4.3. So I uninstaledl all NetMF items that I could see, and then reinstalled from the support page. Visual studio now gives me an error that the new module is 4.3 while the project is 4.2. It appears that I need to update something else?

@ rileysuit - The module should be listed in your toolbox if you installed the latest GHI SDK.

@ duke - module is there now. I need to figure out why VS wants to build a 4.2 project

@ rileysuit - Which version of .NetMF is your project using and which version is flashed on your mainboard (which I believe by default is 4.3), so likely all you have to do is go to your project properties and update the project to 4.3 (it does all the work for you).

I found the source of the 4.2 v 4.3 problem. On the screen where the mainboard is selected, there is a choice for NetFramework. I don’t remember if it was present before as I only had 4.2. Anyway it defaults to 4.2. Selecting 4.3 resolves the problem. Now on to coding. I am expecting my Hydra board to be 4.3, but the Cerberus board is probably 4.2 as I have had it almost a year.

Thanks for the help

@ rileysuit - If you find that you need to update the Cerb, you’ll probably need to update the loader before updating the firmware. Loader instructions are in this document:

Updating the firmware is done using FEZ Config, and is detailed at:

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