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Adding images on Windows Phone 8


Is not working for me on Nokia 920. I wonder if other WP8 has same issue?


I confirmed it doesn’t work on mine either. Have you tried through the emulator in VS2012? My PC here won’t run the emulator… I’ll try on my wife’s 820 in a bit but I suspect it’s a WP8 IE problem that effects all WP8 devices.


Same result on Lumia 820.


Unfortunate :frowning:


No go on HTC 8x…


Guys, I’m not following this. What images are you trying to add to your phone and where/how are you trying to add them?


@ Jason - I was meaning adding a upload to the forum using the phone…i assumed thats what the others where talking about, but maybe…


@ Justin - OK. Understood, let’s see what they come back with too. I thought it might be because they hadn’t been marked as Content and and were not being copied to the device when adding them to a VS2012 phone project.



@ Jason - Your probably right after reading it all again :smiley:


Uploading images to the posts on this forum from a WP8 doesn’t work. “Browse” button doesn’t do anything.


It does support JavaScript. It is just broken in this particular case on this particular site I suspect.


We just need a native app… Josh, when you giving us the API back?


Can’t do this with a jobsian cult phone either :frowning: but then im not surpised.
Edit: Isnt a mobile version of the forum on the long term suggestions list??