Add shroud option for all displays

With your new laser cutting service i think it would be great if you could offer some generic blank shrouds for all the displays you offer. it would make installation much easier and a much more finished look.

Can draw something showing what you have in mind?

Also, we do not need to stock any as you can easily order of any color you like…even engrave your logo if you like. But maybe we can help with a standard design.

something similar to the CP7 for the other displays.
basically a way to cover the cutout of the display will look like it is mounted from the outside.
we put the displays in some prefab boxes so we have to cut the holes and it looks messy.

Gus - A standard design would be a great starting point for creating our own custom version.

I believe Mike is talking about something that covers the cutout edges. Not the actual cutout itself.

Hi Mike,

Not to take away the GHI pffer, but have you seen this service before?

I use their service a lot and I get some very nice panels for 1 off or small run projects.

What I like is that they can install press fit studs and bushes on the rear so you get some nicely designed panels with no screws showing on the front.

The attached image shows a design I did for a client for a project where they only wanted a small build run.

They also have a US based service.

wow that’s even better than i was thinking.

By the way, you can place cavities on the rear for the likes of LCD cutouts. I make them 2.5mm deep on 3mm panels. This places the LCD close to the front.

I have not had any issues doing this without any gasket so far although I have used them in the past but the cost is expensive for them in small quantities.

You can download one of the panels I used with a 4.3" LCD (the cavity also suits the GHI 4.3 but not the mounting holes for the PCB) from here. It was a custom design I did for a ChipworkX based system with a custom LCD driver board.