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Add Hydra to "Boards I own"


May be jumping the gun here, since they’re not quite available yet, but it would be great to get the Hydra added to the “Boards I own” options in the profile…Hydra pride, FTW! :slight_smile:


And Rhino… There’s probably more. I noticed this a few days ago also.


Rhino is used to be there.


Rhino & Panda are not there. It seems they are only keeping currently available boards on the list.


But why is CANxtra then there? Soon I won’t “own” any board… :frowning:


Own away.


Updating profile doesn’t save the change.In fact “I own” is empty completely for me.


I was able to update and save mine, but they don’t appear in my public profile.


Same here. Saved the profile, and it shows up on the profile edit page if I refresh it, but doesn’t show up on my public profile:


Trouble makers lol … Try again :slight_smile:


Works great now; thanks!


Same here ;D. Issue resolved!


Working now.

Do you expect any less of us? :wink:


Mines not working… I added Cobra and Spider but they haven’t arrived yet… :wink: