Add hoc wifi (hotspot)


I plan a project which should run in my car and provide the following functionality.
Use my mobile phone to:
a.) Send information (text) to the “device” which will then be sent out via serial port
b.) Post information from the device to a connected phone

My idea is to run some kind of “Web server” or socket communication or…

Anyhow my question is hardware related.
For me it looks as the easiest to have a wifi hotspot where I can connect to with my phone.

Which hardware should (can) I choose?
I think about the spider as mainboard, but I’m not sure if the RS21 can act as hotspot.

Or is BT a better option?
Is there a bluetooth module (couldn’t find one)?

My phone runs windows phone 8.1


Have a look at this thread:


thank you for the fast reply.

BT sounds good - I just didn’t find this thing on the gedgeterr parts page.
Is this device supported (library / driver)?

And I previously saw the thread but I didn’t recognize that it very actual.
So it looks as if there is hotspot support on the way.

While I would like BT - the wifi approach would me enable to use my old WP7 devices.
On the other hand - why not use both :slight_smile:

Thank you again

the old Seeed Bluetooth module is only an SPP device so it doesn’t really give you anything you need for phone-based comms. BLE is a much better option, and I too can recommend Justin’s BLE module.