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Add another USB Client Connector



I’m using a FEZ Domino and i’m wondering if it’s possible to add another USB Client Connector.
What I want to do is send keystrokes to 2 computers at the same time.



Nope, Sorry.

If you are talking about USB host, you can use a USB hub, however.


You can’t just add another connector. The CPU only has hardware for one client connector.

What you can do is add a PIC18 with USB capabilities, connected to the FEZ for the other connector.

This will require a bit of ansi C coding and debugging hardware for PIC18 etc though.


2xFEZes = 2xUSB clients :wink:


Or use a FTDI USB<->serial chip, you can use a UART on the FEZ to talk to the FTDI and ‘Bobs you uncle’.