ADC Click Socket question

I can read one ADC input if I connect the ADC input to PC0 AN header with the AdcChannel defined as follow

var adc = AdcController.FromName(SC20100.AdcChannel.Controller1.Id);
var analog = adc.OpenChannel(SC20100.AdcChannel.Controller1.PC0);

But don’t find the settings to use the AN pin on the Click Sockets (1 or 2)
AN PF10 or AN PC2 are not defined in the Controller1 or Controller3

Did I miss something ?

PF10 and PC2 only available on SC20260

Did you try those ?

For SC20100 :

  • Socket #1 : PC0, Controller1
  • Socket #2 : PC1, Controller1

For SC20260 :

  • Socket #1 : PF10, Controller3
  • Socket #2 : PC2, Controller1

Ok, I used the reference for the SC20100 in code but I used the SC20260
And then of course, I didn’t saw the expected PF10 for socket 1
I need to pay more attention before asking !!!
Thanks for putting me back on track … :slight_smile:

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