Ad hoc WiFi with FEZ Cobra and ZeroG?


Thanks to everyone’s help in a previous thread, I now have a FEZ Cobra with a ZeroG WiFi module that connects to the Internet. Exciting!

I have a set of applications, however, where I would like to connect the FEZ Cobra directly to another device over WiFi. The other device is capable of creating Ad Hoc 802.11 networks but cannot create infrastructure networks. Are ad hoc networks supported by the ZeroG board?

I tried already creating an ad hoc network on the other device. Then on the FEZ Cobra, I modifed the WiFi sample to switch the SSID to the name of the ad hoc network. This does not work yet. I thought I would ask to make sure this is possible before fiddling more with it.

Not supported currently

Great, thank you !

Do you know if it is planned for a future firmware release?

If I want to set up a direct wireless connection to another device, what are the available options? Bluetooth?

Yes it is but it is very low priority since we very very rarely see someone requesting it.

Does it mean that one FEZ Cobra with ZeroG can’t transfer data to other FEZ Cobra with ZeroG directly?

They can through an access point but not directly

I think that having Ad Hoc communication could be great… why ?

Because of V2V and V2I coming in the futur…

V2V stands for Vehicle to Vehicle and V2I : Vehicle to Infrastructure

In ITS (Intelligence Transport System), it’s more and more about Cooperative system which
means that systems should communicate together without access point. Means that communiation needs broadcasting feature.

I’m sure it’s not that easy to provide such a feature, especially if few people require for this one but, maybe having such a feature could also lead people to do some invest in that kind of system.

Ad hoc wifi is the futur for pieces of embedded system. I just guess missing that feature won’t make any damage to you, but I’m sure it will bring new customers to be interested in the FEZ only for that “easy” seems to be feature.

Thank you for the valuable information. We will keep that on our to-do list.


Just in case you need more requests for adhoc capabilities on the wifi module;
I need to use my Cobra wirelessly on a boat.
No accespoint available there…

Any change on this in the nearby future?

It is in the works but WiFi is a no simple thing to work with. There is a reason GHI is the only company with NETMF+WiFi :slight_smile:

We are doing our best so stay tuned