ACS712 Schematic

Hi everyone

I’m new to this forum.

I just bought a CUrrent ACS712 breakout board.

Does anyone have a schematic for this?

Or at least a wiring diagram?


hi eTech, welcome !

I assume you’re referring to ?

If so, one question - why do you need this info; Gadgeteer is very plug-and-play so you should never have to worry about the details behind this to get working.

But if you want to decompose what connections to use on a non-Gadgeteer board, you can use the socket type on the device and the basic pinout info on GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software to get an idea what you need.

At some point the GHI team will publish the driver and what documentation they can to the codeplex site, and you can download it from there; I haven’t seen any detail around this specific module as of yet (not that I’ve looked too hard).

Thanks brett, We may have missed some docs with all changes but we reviewing it all when all done this month.

Hi brett…

Yes P/N CRASC-GM-390

I bought this module for my own project. I’m using this as an interface to an RMS to DC converter to drive a digital panel meter.

I assume the socket type is th big “A” inside a square symbol?

This site got some good stuff!

I’m fairly good at hardware design and software programming.
System on a Module stuff looks pretty interesting…


Correct, the A is the socket type identifier. So you’re looking at an “analog” device that therefore outputs an Analog signal that you can then use an ADC on a processor to read. Which one I am not sure about but I suspect you’d be able to see that pretty easily if you checked pins 3, 4, and 5.