Accessing Webcam Image Data


II noticed that it is possible to run a webcam from a gadgeteer system.

This would be ideal if I could access Image data and I could do the basic image processing I require.

I would need access to the full data depth supplied by webcams (which I think is 8bits/colour/pixel). (as opposed to thew compressed 16 bit format I would get if I just used ‘getPixel’ for Example)

Is there any way to achieve this.?


You actually do not get compressed image, you get raw 16bit bitmap. You can then draw on it, modify it or do whatever you wish with it.

Thanks, yes you are right, I was thinking of something else. One final question, is it possible to store the exposure settings so that the camera just starts taking images rather than adjusting light levels first. I will be using it in a constant controlled environment??


I do not think it is possible.