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Accessing NAND from Windows


I need to access the Hydra’s NAND memory from windows.
The code suggested on the page (ChipworkX) doesn’t work because the first instruction

USBC_MassStorage ms = USBClientController.StandardDevices.StartMassStorage();

return the error

An unhandled exception of type 'System.NotSupportedException' occurred in GHIElectronics.NETMF.USBClient.dll

There’s a way to do that on Hydra?

Thanks in advance



Hi John,

Hydra does not use NAND memory. The memory on Hydra cannot be accessed the same way. In the configuration file it is preset for special functions such as holding the TinyBooter and the firmware plus it does not have a file system attached to the Dataflash on this board. The only method of mass storage you would be able to use would be the attachable SD module and use StorageDev from GHI’s OSH library. The library you are trying to use is not available on the Hydra.



One question I should have asked you is why do you need to access the memory?


Thank you, Aron.

One more question: there is a way (for the running application) to read/write data to the Hydra’s internal flash memory?
I would like to save some information into a non-removable storage so that they are always accessible by the program.




Save application settings? If yes, use EWR, if not, you need to use SD card or external EEPROM.


Thanks Gus, EWR is fine for what I have to do.