Access to forum archives

One of my posts in the mbed forum got moved into the archives before I got a chance to look at all the replies. I haven’t been able to figure out a way to see those replies. Is that possible?

@ Gene - just use the Archives forum board or you can scan through your forum posts via your account profile

@ Gary, if you go to the Archives list and click a topic, you get “board does not exist” error !!

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@ Brett - I’ll take a look at it, thank you

@ Gary - What Brett said.

so it’s only some of the posts - some work as expected. I suspect there’s something in the database - foe example it might be trying to generate the breadcrumbs at the top of the post and that’s checking the forum and failing

I guess I should have expected that of course my post would be (and still is) one of the posts suffering from this issue.

@ Gary - Did you get a chance to look into this? Any hope I’ll be able to see the replies to the thread I started in the mbed forum?

I still get the “No such board exists” message when I try to see my thread that got moved into the archives. Haven’t gotten any real response to my question about this issue. Did I say something that offended someone, is there a conspiracy or should I just give up on ever seeing my thread that got moved into the archive?

I keep checking my PayPal account and haven’t seen the ransom money yet.

Just kidding, I had a few things to get caught up on from New York, I should be able to get to the forum stuff tomorrow.

@ Gary - New York? What the heck were you doing in that den of iniquity? Did you get mugged? Thanks in advance for taking a look at this.

@ Gene - We went up for the Maker Faire. We are currently tracking down the random field in 1000 different tables that keeps certain posts from showing. Please bare with us as we work through it.

This forum is getting quite racy!

@ Gary - If you want I have few message IDs that are not showing for me. If this can help to narrow down your search.

@ Architect - Email them to me please and thank you.

@ Gary - You are welcome.

@ Gary - sorry to pile on, another unreachable id :

I get the ‘board does not exist’ - this was a post to the Education board which isn’t around any more, if that is any help.


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@ Gary - I’m bearing. Please note I said bearing. I don’t know what goes on in the wilds of MI but out here in boring old CA, we “bear” it, we don’t “bare” it.

Thanks for the horrific visual of Gary… However, from what I know about CA I think it could be spelled either way there :wink:


Try your missing topics and email me the topic id if some of them still won’t show properly.