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About using Premium library on OSHW Cerbuino ... specifically the Watchdog class


What is the policy about using teh Premium library’s Watchdog class in a Cerbuino project?

PS. I did some searches to see if this was previously answered, but could not come up with anything useful. Feel free to redirect me if I missed a relevant post :slight_smile:


They won’t run on the cerb


Tx. I wonder if other people have been mislead by tutorials such as these … … that talks about GHI functionality without distinguishing between OSHW and Premium offerings. Oh well, I’m going to have to throw away my Cerbuino and buy a Premium supported board … :frowning:


@ JackN - What is it that you want to achieve? Maybe one of the smart guys and gals on this forum can provide you with a solution that is workable using OSHW.


Good question, and was best answered by the description/example in the tutorial I reference. For convenience, I will re-quote it here …

"In embedded system world, devices are usually always running and with no user interaction. So if something went wrong, it would be very beneficial if we have an automatic reset button. "

Now add to that, the ability to programatically detect what went wrong the last time … as captured by the same tutorial under "In some cases, you need to know if the system did reset because of a watchdog to log this info or run some recovery procedures. "

Any suggestions welcome :slight_smile:


@ JackN - I do not have a Cerbuino so I do not know if this is even an option, but have you had a look at what the standard .NETMF WatchDog has to offer, could it possibly do the trick for you? I have never used it, so I do not know the specific limitations of if it is even available on all devices, but it might be worth checking out.


@ Tailorza - Tx. I already figured I would have to resort to the standard .NETMF WatchDog … but it requires me to re-invent the wheel relative to what the Premium Watchdog offers. Not the end of the world, but it would have been nice if I could just use what was there already :slight_smile:


@ JackN - those docs are from before GHI started offering open source boards. I’m sure they’re working to update everything but there is rather a lot in the old wiki. Each product page does say whether it is open source or premium.


You should be able to “poke” the necessary registers to utilize the on-board watchdog timer.


That tutorial was written way before there were OSHW offers. I would try using Register class as was suggested earlier.


Gus has said many times that updating the tutorials was on the list for after 4.2 SDK was released.


That is a common curse. Look at the official MF doc for 4.2 :slight_smile:


Yeah sorry guys, 4.2 was just finished last week and now we are looking into some Ethernet and USB/win8 issues. wiki needs major updates…and the other documentation.


@ Gus - Sorry, I wasn’t trying to poke you for not updating the docs! I know only too well that sometimes we have to prioritise things because not everything fits into one day :slight_smile:
Thank you for your efforts. They are much appreciated!


I figured out how to implement the independent watchdog, as opposed to the interrupt based window watchdog, for my Cerberus. This is the kind you have to kick all the time. The longest period you can go without kicking it is around 7 seconds.

After I cleanup my code I plan on contributing this to the codeplex site. If you urgently need this and want an early copy of my code or firmware just shoot me a message here.


I think it’s time to hire a full-time documentation guy :wink:


If you hire that full time documentation guy, it’d be awesome if he wrote a simple tutorial on building your own firmware and drivers. It took me a while to figure this out, but now it seems simple to me. Maybe there is already a doc like this that I missed?


@ untitled - I have this (implement a watchdog) on my TODO list for sometime in the near future (have to finish some other functionality first :-). If I get there before your codeplex posting, I will definitely tag you for an early preview.

Thanks in advance for this (very essential) contribution to the Cerb functionality!


@ untitled
i would like to see what you did for this as i would like to do it on a mountaineer board.
any chance of posting it or sending me a copy?