About USB application of FEZ Spider

Hi, I have a question about about USB interface application of FEZ Spider.

I tried a MCU “AT32UC3A0512” of ATMEL, and the MCU has a application named “AVR32 UC3 USB Host Mass Storage”.

see PDF file link


The function is that, MCU can be updated from a USB stick.

I have achieved the funktion on a Demo board with MCU “AT32UC3A0512”.

Now I want to implement the funktion on “FEZ Spider”.

Has “FEZ Spider” also the similar funktion? If yes, can you give me some tips?

First you you will need the USB Host Module. That will give you the ability to read a USB stick. Also check out the USB Host tutorial in the support area.

To update a program, which you can get from the USB stick, you want to use IFU(In Field Update). There has been many discussion on how to do this in the forums.