AA batteries on Woot (60 for $6)


Those don’t look to be Alkaline, so I wonder how well they’d hold up…“extra heavy duty” doesn’t really have a precise technical meaning. :slight_smile:

According to Wikipedia, an Alkaline AA cell has a capacity of 1800-2600mAh under a 500mA drain. The woot page lists these batteries at 900mAh.

This, on the other hand, looks like a bargain, and great fun to boot:


@ devhammer - I was looking at that one last night. So hard to not push that button… Until I look beyond the monitor and remember that my kids already have more toys than we have room for. :frowning:

We’ve already got bunches of K’nex, so I figured what’s a few pieces more…in for one. :slight_smile: