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A ZIP for the Component Code and PDFs


I wanted to follow your tutorial videos and it comes to a point where I am to add “FEZ_Components_LED.cs”, but I don’t have that so I look around you site. Very hard to find and had to come in through Google and hand copy the code and save it…

Could you put the entire libary of code and PDFs in a zip and let me download them all at once? Though it is true I might not use 95% of the download, but it is small and the ease of use and LOCATION would be a major improvement.



If Fezzer is the solution, the maybe the tutorial should be updated with references to the actual download. Or even a section dedicated to the tutorial?

With Arduino, you get a load of examples straight out of the box and thats very useful for copy/past development.

When you start out with a FEZ system it’s a pretty steep learning curve with regards to what assemblies to include etc. A set of demo projects that follows the eBook would be of great value to new users.


I agree completely if I hadn’t been a experienced C# developer that could have been a real trouble spot. They need,, etc



If they want to broaden the appeal of NETMF they will have to provide more examples and make it easier to get them, and explain the placement and inclusion/use of the examples.

It would be nice to have a topic area for sharing code and discussing it specifically in the context of using NETMF and FEZ hardware without having it look like a final production. Specific pieces could be adapted from that forum and moved to the library of example code with rudimentry documentation.

I also think the tutorial, ebook and video, has be updated. It was a great first try, but enough has changed that new users would find the update important. Actually I hope FEZ support takes that as the compliment it is.


Yes update would be nice but note that after you have used FEZ for a week then all become simple and easily self learning.

About code example, we have whole new website that is being made for this purpose. Not done but had some good code already

With some efforts from GHI and the community (you) we can make this website full of useful code.

Note that there is also a wiki that is full of projects. The only problem is that new users do not know where to go for info and this is where some enhancements are needed to help users in first steps…which we are working on already :slight_smile:


I just spent some time looking around for Fezzer and once I knew what to look for, I found a few references. I would suggest a Community website reference that would have the Projects and Fezzer and any other interesting sites for beginning users. Spotlight these additional resources.


Gus, just read your entry, thanks. Finding the material is three quarters of the battle. I would definitely restate change “Projects” to “Community” and put Projects and Fezzer and other high quality content there.

I would also restate that updating the tutorial and the video your most important support requirmentment for first time users. Especially since you are trying to grow a community of users that has many levels of users in it. The accuracy and ease of use of your ebook and videos are make/break for anyone. As you state, “getting through the first week”, well, that is the issue and that is where the ebook and video make all the difference. The accuracy of the tutorials have an extreme effect on the willingness to continue. I have seen this in the products I have developed over the years where people were using conceptually easier software having to do directly with their work resist to the point of kicking the software out, due to inaccuracies in the help and tutorials. The response is “if they don’t get that right, how can I trust them and its not worth my time.”

Your tutorials scripts are fine as they are in flow and concept, so basically reshooting the videos with the same scripts with VS 2010 adjustments would do the trick. I know the cost of updates are not cheap, but they are a requirement that will lower your cost of support over the long term and retain the majority of customers that would simply have drifted off. That first delight of getting through a good tutorial reinforces their belief in their ability to understand the product and continue. It’s all about lighting up those Dopamine brain cells without waking up the Amiglia, making the emotions say “Cool!” while the rational part says, “Yes, I can do this!” right from the beginning.


Gus, are you talking about, under Projects?

Ravenhart, thanks for the reference!


Yes that is the wiki for sharing projects and knowledge and the fezzer is for sharing drivers and code snippets.

There is also this forum that is always busy so feel free to ask anythign


Gus, you HAVE to put FEZZER up where everyone can find it on this site. You have to spotlight it like projects and forums. I just looked at it and it could have saved me MUCHO time. As it is, it is only a fantastic find. Thanks. Now excuse me while I get my Freakin’ Easy on.


We will when it is done :wink: there is plenty of work in progress