A very special leap day!

@ HughB

You are the one who mentioned San Diego ;D

Totally confused now!
Gus posted [quote]It is 5:30AM here in San Diego! So very soon now
[/quote] so I thought eh? How come

Time to get some coffee.

So, are we waiting Ipad3?

Just did. its been a long day :slight_smile:

Internet of things needs more communication I think …

Ok, so it’s 7AM. Must we wait till 8AM or 9AM? :slight_smile:

What the heck is Big G doing in San Diego? Must have been on of his autobots…


its all a bit quiet on the forum. Everyone waiting with baited breath? :slight_smile:

currently battling Azure outages here :wink:



Just waiting … for something to happen.


Just came back from a short evening jog and STILL nothing… ;D

@ EricM hahaha me too my F5 key just popped off the keyboard!

@ Errol
I can just picture sitting down for a beer on a warm African evening mmmmm

Warm it is. It’s 18h30 and still 30C. That’s 86F? And there’s no beer… :’(

jas - looks like codeplex is having repository issues - I think they use Azure…

In the meantime Billy Gates’ guys have released a new “Windows 8 Consumer Preview” …
:smiley: :smiley:

If interested: Windows help & learning

@ Ransomhall, the service dashboard says it all.


WOW! The new stuff showed up in the catalog and it was all sold out in a few minutes! ;D

**** Of course everyone knows I am kidding *******