A small offer!

Gus has a naming contest on http://tinyclr.com/forum/1/4733/

He just posted saying that someone has the name correct and that someone has the processor correct too.

[italic]You have to pick the correct name and processor from that list and state it on this list.

The first person to get either/or one correct will get a :

FEZ Hacker With Ethernet bare PCB (mailed by LetterPost through Canada Post)

Well… Two people seem to have guessed it.
But, Gus keeps us curious as always ;D

I bet on Fez Beetle (Console.WriteLine(Alex) idea) with STM32 :wink:

Agreed, Alex wins all the naming contests :wink:

Isn’t the person who posted the winning entry in the other thread technically the winner of this contest as well? :think:

Nope - because they dont know yet !

You have to pick the name and processor from the original list. You can not provide new ones here.

For the same people to win here : they need to post the name here :smiley:

[italic]edited my original post to help[/italic]

In that case, I’ll go with FEZ Serpent using the same ARM9 as the Hydra :wink:

came to see how the contest was going, and its over? wow!!!

I dont think Egyptian mythology is getting in soon, but thanks; (Should of been specific ::slight_smile: ), thanks anyways guys, I do think Raptor might be it.

Sorry Alex, there is already a Fez Raptor.
Though I ordered mine last year and am still waiting for it.

As per Gus: http://www.tinyclr.com/forum/1/2887/#/1/msg28206


that was just an Aprils thing, there must be a real FEZ Raptor, the cool name of the cant be held back from the community. :slight_smile:

well i guess i could simply copy all of the names from that post and put them here but that is just too much work… or maybe i could simply say… i choose everything in the original post…wouldn’t that make me the winner?

maybe not, in that case i’ll stick with what i originally said:
Hydra mini.
Spider mini.
Panda mini.
wolf mini spider.

This contest is for fun :smiley:

You could put all the names and be a winner or bet on one - more bragging rights.

@ Rajesh That is a good way of giving up your extra Hacker board. :clap:

@ Architect

I promised 2 (1 each for name and processor)

Not just “extra”, I have a a stack of them :smiley:

Even better!!!

i think its Fez Minotaur and ARM9 :slight_smile:

Why would GHI introduce another ARM9 board to compete with Hydra (if Gadgeteer) or ChipworkX (if not)? GHI already offers (now two) modules directly in that segment. Since it’s a FEZ, we can assume it doesn’t have external RAM or flash, which means ARM7 or Cortex, most likely M3.

I love it when someone understands what GHI offers. Good answer that deserves a gift.

Wow, thanks :slight_smile: