A Question for Students and FAculty

This is Colin from the .NET Micro Framework team and I have a question for anyone using NETMF in a education context. One side effect of Open Source is that I dont know who is using the product in schools - either in your curiculum or in our individual studies. Microsoft has several initiatives that we could take advantage of to share resources and to find out how we can support you better. I just need to know who is out there and what you are doing and how we can help. If you are interested, please contact me at netmf_ba@ microsoft.com. And please spread the word - you may know of someone who might be interested but may not read this forum post. You may know of someone interested in evaluating the platform for education as well and I would love to talk with them as well

Here is one to start with:


GHI would also love to help those that bring NETMF and FEZ to education so please do not hesitate to contact us directly. The email is as always ghielec@ ghiel…com