A question about TinyCLR Config

UCM Development Board Rev E
UD700 Rev A
UC5550 System on Module (WiFi)
UC5550 bootloader version 2

Using TinyCLR Config Core/Device Version

Update Firmware button returns - Status No update found.
I had to manually download the firmware to the UC5550.

My first thought was how does TinyCLR Config get the cloud-connection?
I would assume that I would need to allow the connection from my Windows 10 Pro.

What is this OLD brain missing?

Thank You

Currently is latest one, so “no update found” is correct.

In case you wanted to reflash, there is a button “Update to latest” from “Loader” tab in TinyCLR config.

Thank you for the reply.

I got COM 4 and thought I needed to use Tera Term to manually down load. (What I used).

I tried again from “Loader” as you suggested and it worked.

I had no idea it would use the USB Client port which I had my Dev Board connected to.