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A question about the in-field update procedure



This is how I currently undestand it, please correct me if I’m wrong

There’s the option of only updating the main application only.
This is great as it poses no real risks.

But does that not imply I cannot update the GHI sdk on my development machine,
as a version of the main application build against the new SDK would require a complete upgrade
of the device?

The reason being that we’re going to deploy about 200 panda devices to an enviroment that is
only connected via GPRS or (very slow) radio wave connections and upgrading the entire device
might cause problems.

If we choose to only update the main application, doesn’t that mean we have to keep a development
box around that contains the exact same version of the SDK that was used in the first place?

And if so, does GHI keep a download archive allowing us to download a specific version?


Yes correct and we keep old SDK available but you should download a specific verison and keep a backup on your end, just in case.