A new way to BSOD?

I seem to have found a way to BSOD my machine with a Hydra that I don’t think has been reported. I have a Hydra + CP7 connected to a DP power module connected to USB and 12V on the barrel jack. If I flip the power on the barrel jack on or off while the USB is plugged in then I get a BSOD. Is this expected (because of the previous problem) or could it be that the DP needs a little more protection? I’ll be SO glad when this problem is fixed. I’m on my fourth consecutive BSOD of the night…

Hmmm… I’m seeing a similar thing with my Cerberus and thought it was the 4.2 firmware. I haven’t experienced or noticed with it with my Hydra, but will try to replicate. Mine doesn’t happen every time though.

I’ll see if I can isolate it to the DP by trying it with an SP.

I don’t know if it is related but I now also get BSOD on Panda II, with 4.1 firmware :frowning:

Symptoms are not the same as yours, but I can’t remember having BSOD “before”. What is not good here is that I’ve never had a single BSOD until I use the Cerbuino (5 BSOD) and now the Panda II (4 BSOD).

In my case, VS2010 is completely stuck and I can’t even access the menu to stop generating/deploying. Of course, it’s saying “trying to deploy”.
If I reset the Panda II or remove the USB plug, then it’s BSOD. The only way I have to avoid a BSOD is to kill VS2010.

If needed, I may create a new thread about this and will try to find a way to reproduce.

According to Gus, it’s a bug in the USB drivers and Microsoft has a solution. So, it shouldn’t be too long before we get it. I’m assuming that the same USB drivers are now used in 4.1 & 4.2 which is why this now appears in Panda-II :frowning:

I can I reproduce this almost reliably with one of my Cerberus, and not with another one. Kind of strange.

I did remember this was supposed to be fixed in QFE2, which although was “released” over a week ago, last I checked the download still wasn’t available.

But remember, QFE1 is what GHI are using, so installing QFE2 will likely break stuff until GHI release QFE2.

Hi stevepresley,

.NET Micro Framework 4.2 QFE2 is in final development and testing. The NETMF core tech team has been working alongside the software engineers at Microsoft to get this highly anticipated release out to the NETMF community. A big thank you to Cuno from Oberon and Lorenzo and Zach from Microsoft for their efforts in particular.

The download page is a placeholder for the SDK/PK installers once QFE2 is available. A release date hasn’t been officially set for QFE2 yet, but I anticipate that it will be ready soon.


The downloads page here says it was released on July 23rd: http://netmf.codeplex.com/releases/view/91594

.NET MF 4.2 RTM (QFE2)
Jul 23 2012, Beta

Guess that’s the confusion. While I’m really grateful for all of the work that is being put in, if it’s not really released, I don’t see the harm in saying that it’s not ready (i.e. not released). By saying that it is released, but not available yet, it is frustrating. I’d rather know that they aren’t ready to release it yet and change the date instead of looking at the page and wondering why it is supposedly released – yet 2 weeks later, there are still no downloads available. If we’re supposed to do a pull to get it, so be it, but at least post something there to say that, especially since most people aren’t familiar enough with going that route.

Steve, not sure what your specific question here is though - until your board vendor wraps the code into their SDK and releasing it, the download for the SDK would only lead to more issues and confusion. The “release” really means an agreed point in the source tree that is a major node in the tree, and if you go to the source code from the page you linked to you can get the source you need to build based on QFE2. Behind the scenes I assume Zach and the team are doing whatever it takes to turn the source code into the SDK that installs on your PC rather than the code that assembles for a firmware, and at some point that work will surface; just as that in some time in the future the firmware from the hardware vendors will be released for QFE2.

I was under the impression that the July beta would work mostly fine (other than breaking changes noted) with QFE2 and solve the blue screen issues most of us are having.

To me, release means it is Released to the public/target audience, not a Checkin or CheckPoint in the tree. I think many others that have been doing this work for quite some time would agree. I guess I’m not sure why it’s taking so long for the installer to be put up for download.

Like I said, I can go and copy the code and I suppose wire up my own MSInstaller to get my box to stop rebooting everytime the board locks up on deploy and I have to hit the restart button or unplug the mainboard to get it to do anything.

it is released, to the target audience, which is not the public…

I think we’re just going to have to disagree on that one… to me, the target audience is the dev community, not just integrators.

Regardless, good work is being done in multiple places. As soon as I can start working on this full time (2 weeks from now) will be glad to contribute at any level I can, whether it is framework, SDK or module/driver level.

I’m sure you can agree on this… The GHI SDK/firmware version has a dependency on a particular NETMF SDK/firmware version. You can do whatever you want with the latest NETMF SDK version you want but you absolutely should not expect that the GHI SDK/firmware will work with any version except that which it has a dependency. So, I agree with you that the whole community is the target. However, it’s only of use to those that are creating the firmware & SDKs that utilize it.

Let us agree on this, QFE2 is really needed and GHI needs to tell us as soon it is available and TESTED :slight_smile:

If you get QFE2 that fixed one problem but introduceds another then you won’t be happy. Keep in mind that we are users of netmf like you are so seeing BSOD is bugging us as well.

We can’t wait :slight_smile: