A new way of finding lost items

I found this today through MacRumors. Seems like an interesting item to play with. I ordered four.

Only works with iPhone. Has to be replaced every year… Sounds like a good idea for recurring revenue. This appears to be a “kickstarter” that they are just running of their own site. The amount of money they’ve raised is very impressive.

This is cool! Not sure why but I found myself laughing watching the video. Maybe because I have kids and I keep losing the TV remove :slight_smile:

@ ianlee74 - get a Bluetooth smart and make yourself a Windows compatible “Brick” tm :whistle:

This looks so familiar
See Stanford’s "Startup Engineering"

@ ianlee74 - As one gets older, the value proposition for the Title increases. Well worth the recurring expense. I would give you some examples, but one does not come to mind at this point in time.

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I agree and was complimenting them on the genius of making it a renewable device.

@ kurtnelle - of course they could but its the service you’re really recharging.

Looks pretty cool. I would love to see whats inside though,

Loved this statement too :smiley:

Use Tile on as many things as you want.
Add up to 10 Tiles on an account.

My guess:
Bluetooth Smart
Coin battery

From my dabbling with 4.0 it looks pretty easy to do…

@ Justin - Sounds pretty bang on. I wonder if it will be a sucess outside the US though.

@ HughB - Maybe we should make a Chaved up version for the UK :smiley:

@ Justin - Could be a giggle. Especially the Burberry print edition