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A new kit targeted specifically for education


FEZ Education Kit is everything an instructor needs to get students excited about programming! With .NET Micro Framework, students will be programming in C# using the Visual Studio environment. The included sensors are the best way for students to feel and see the flow of a program.


What’s the blue USB plug going to?


IIRC, the PC. That is comm port to usb plug.


Ah, that’s what I guessed.

Wonder if Jeff Birt is interested in this…


This is one of the benefits of this kit, the 2 channel connection to a PC, one USB for debugging/deploying and other USB-serial for transferring data. Add a terminal software or matlab on a PC and you have a complete learning system


Sweet! I wish I had one when I was in school (just a few decades ago). -Eric


Looking good.

But i wonder if i can order (somewhere) the blue usb cable ???
Have search a couple of times on the internet, but cannot found it.

Also, how is this cable called? cause, the connection on the board is a sort of RS-232 connector?


Yes FEZ Mini has RS232 signal levels on COM1 then this is exposed on the base board on a RJ connector…this is where the cable connect in and convert that into a virtual USB-serial port.


Name of the cable and where to buy?


I can check but this cable is only good with the base board. How are you planning on using it and I will dirrect you to the right thing to buy?


I just wondering how that kind of cable is called.
Well, i was [italic]thinking [/italic]of connecting a USB client on the mini usb connection (with usb to mini usb converter). When i have this, i need a cable to connect my computer with for debugging.


Look at the “wire-ended” cables here

It will be beneficial to get you one of those educational kits :wink:



I presume you’re aware of and have more than likely already been contacted by Microsoft in terms of .Net Gadgeteer?