A meeting with the man and his family!

We met at 3:30 at the arch in Washington Square park, which is located in Greenwich Village. We were waiting for a several minutes, in the rain, for Gus and family to arrive. As Gus’s wife and daughter exited the taxi, the sky cleared and sun came out. When Gus exited not much happened. :slight_smile:

I spent a few minutes playing tour guide, and then we walked around the Village and SOHO. I was able to explain the name of some of the areas in NYC, such as SOHO which means south of Houston St, and Dumbo, which mean down under the Manhattan Bridge overpass.

One of the stores we visited was called Evolution (http://theevolutionstore.com/). This is an interesting store, with all sorts of exotic things for sale. Gus did not think a monkey skull was something he needed, and was unsuccessful in finding a stuffed cobra. The store had sold their last Hydra and Cerberus last week.

We then went to dinner at Lupa, my favorite Italian restaurant in the US. After an hour and a half of feasting, we walked to nearby cafe for coffee and desert.

My wife and I had a great time, with charming Gus and his beautiful and charming wife and daughter. In the nearly five hours we spent together, we didn’t spend a lot of time talking geek. I did get to ask Gus about a product, I have been eagerly awaiting, and got an answer. But, my lips are sealed.

Melanie and I are looking forward to our next meeting, hopefully not a year from now. xoxoxox

I was surprised to learn the Gus suffers from turophilia. I wish him well on a speedy recovery.


You guys are terrific people. We enjoyed the company, the food and many good laughs. Looking forward to meet again, perhaps at GHI’s new building :wink:

I thought EVERYONE suffers from turophilia…isn’t that pretty much normal? :wink: