A little bit of information about Windows 10 IoT

Little Info about Windows 10 IoT



It will be interesting to see the delivered product. Lot of possibilities.

Their diagrams seem to indicate the rpi 2 would get "win10 for industry devices ", no?

That feel when NETMF isn’t mentioned :frowning:
like we are not even wanted

I’d like more information on the license. They say free to makers but if you wanted to turn your product commercial, can you without paying a Windows License?

“Industry Devices” says x86. My guess is no shell on RPi2, but it’s a guess.

That’s the one I would want anyway. Run .NET on as close to bare metal as possible.

My information are, on RPi2 run Universal Apps.

I was about 2 weeks ago on a IoT User Community Meeting. Theme was IoT and Microsoft.

About Windows 10 IoT and RPi2 and Microframework was the infromtion very low.

I hear always Top Secret, you get the information later (Build…).

The most information was about Azure Event Hub und how you get the information there.

Here the samples:

Blog in German:

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Oh good point. I was looking at resources, not the processor…


I missed that one, the Iot User Community Meeting, was it closed or open ??

Thanks for the info anyway !!

@ Piwi

It was open.

Dotnet Community Ulm

Here are the slides:


The most is in English. ::slight_smile:

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@ Wolfgang Feneberg - Too bad, no mention of any GHI Devices …

@ Piwi

I have protested 8)

But Microsoft has the motto, the device or technology is not critical.

Cloud first. The data should be hosted in the Azure Cloud! :snooty:

@ Wolfgang Feneberg

Well, we had a kind of the same IoT, Machine Learning session in Frankfurt am Main (it was actually @ MS Office in Bad Homburg) and those GHI devices where just flying all over the place. But that was in december 2014

Found more information from WinHEC:

See 40 Minute and later

Slide 24 and later

There information about RaspPi 2 and Qualcomm DragonBoard??

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@ Wolfgang Feneberg - Look here for more info on the Qualcomm board 410c


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Next info from WinHec:

At the moment no video, but slides.


Alle Information you find: