A kiosk for retail with FEZ Hydra

I’m working on a kiosk prototype for price verifier and fidelity check points for the retail enviroment. The project is based on FEZ Hydra and CP7 Display, the board read the item/card barcode using an opticon serial oem scanner and pick-up the data from the back-end using a wcf rest service. The source data for the back-end service is the shop cash server. In the project I have used:

  • FEZ Hydra
  • RS232 Module
  • Ethernet Module
  • SD Module
  • CP7 Display
  • Opticom serial barcode reader NLV1001

Sexy? Well each to his own… :slight_smile:

But it is a very well done!


Very nice. Would be cool to see a video of it in action.

What material are you using for your mounting plate? Is that just a sliced up Tamiya board or did you find something else with 5mm holes?

It is a grid for the attachment of bathrooms mirrors :slight_smile:

You found it at a hardware store or online? Link? I don’t imagine any place in the U.S. would have it :frowning:

I have found it in a hardware store. I’m uploading a small video about it, please wait a few minutes, tonight the connection is very very slow :frowning:

Here there is a video about it


What did you use for GUI?

Only code :slight_smile:

The UI is every bit as attractive as the system itself. Nice job!

@ andre.marschalek is right, that is one majorly sexy device, you are going to have very happy clients with that. I’d have to call that a SCORE!!!

Yeah sexy is the right term.

Was that a Lumia 800 I saw taking the video? If so, bonus Microsoft points there :wink:

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Yes, I have used my Lumia 800 :slight_smile:

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Added it to showcase http://www.ghielectronics.com/resources/showcase

Thanks Proxima Software

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This looks great. Ive been working on a barcode scanner module for Gadgeteer. its nice to see that its going to work :slight_smile:
How much was the scanner u used?? im looking at OEM models at the moment.

I have used the Opticon NLV1001 http://www.opticon.com/NLV1001.aspx

Nice project, thanks for sharing.

I don’t see one in in the “parts” list, do you have any proximity sensor to turn the barcode scanner on only when needed? Or does the scanner have that already built in?

Right point! The scanner has a proximity sensor and you are able to activate / deactivate it