A good webcam for image processing? (Newbie Here)

Hello, I am a student and i am starting a small project on moving the mouse cursor through the hand gestures. (Color extraction technique)
I will be using Visual studio 2010 along with Aforge.Net .
I want suggestions on which webcam to use so i dont get delays as i have heard from my seniors that a good webcam can decrease the delay time.
Thank You

Hi Pinocchio,

aforge.net has been discussed here before - the upshot is that this isn’t likely to be an approach you’re going to succeed with on a .Net Gadgeteer device. Are you intending to run this on a PC?

I looked into Aforge.net as a newby for image processing but there is no chance on the gadgeteer.

It was suggested that I do image processing on a web server but it’s beyond the time I had for the project.