A Couple Suggestions for the Shop

So we’re not all constantly pinging the shop to find out when stuff is available and to help GHI be able to anticipate stock levels, I think it would be great to add the following to the shop. They would be a win-win for everyone.

  1. A “notify me when when this item is available” button that automatically sends an email when an item is re-stocked.

  2. Allow pre-orders.

  3. A “notify me when new items are added to the catalog” button.


All are reasonable requests. Thanks

Please count my vote for option 3.

My F5 key is wearing out, knowing that new modules are coming. :wink:

We are adding monthly newsletter which will include list of new product additions. Existing users are automatically enrolled. Those who register have the option to subscribe. Once the first newsletter is sent you will be able to unsubscribe through a link within the email at any time.

What would be great is a bi-monthly FEZ magazine :wink:

Got the main GHI news, events, projects and other material like Circuit cellar, Nuts & volts and Elektor has

I vote for Gus to be the first centerfold model. :o

+1 with Mike !

I got the name - “PlayFEZ”


if they did have a mag, it could be a good source of income for advertizements and sound source for all that is .netmf.

All you know that Gus is a dude right? yikes.

Are you implying that Gus is not centerfold material? ???

No, Mike. Actually, I think he’s suggesting something about you… :wink:

Something bad? >:(

Required attire?!!

Attire optional? You could say “open source”.

lol, this is going to end up being a “play FEZ”!!

As long as there’s no “open hardware”… :-[

I totally would like to have the option to write a first name and a last name in the shipping and billing address.